Hello my name is Noi Brim From CSUSM. I'm a college student that thwarted a mass shooting at my school from a white supremacist. After the ordeal I realized something about this person; they were angry. I realized in college that this person was ignored and felt like they were insignificant and the terrible part about it is, they aren't the only ones. Memoirs of America aims to stop mass shootings, help celebrities with their stalking problems and stop violence overall by the means of one thing: FREEDOM OF SPEECH. How? You may ask, well by first reestablishing it becuase it really is gone. Many current so-called social media websites in actuality decreases social interaction and subjugates peoples thoughts and actual feelings and only offer the options of stalking people or looking at pictures all day while obtaining and selling their personal information and often getting hacked losing said information compromising peoples lives even more. If people were could converse and express their opinions and views on an internet platform and not be censored a lot less mass shootings or acts of violence would significantly decrease. Celebrities themselves can also benefit a lot from Memoirs of America by conversing with their stalkers and addressing them safely as well having the right to say what they want without consequence. Memoirs of America can guarantee it. Finally the most important thing that Memoirs of America has to offer a member is the opportunity to leave a lasting impression in the world. We all have a story, what will be the one you tell the world? What ever your story is Memoirs of America is the social media setting to do so. As Kanye West said in 2019 college kids can save the world and I'm starting right here.

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